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  • I recently read a great what you should not do article written by Dana Wilkinson. It is attached below. If you have any questions regarding bankruptcy don’t hesitate to contact Chuck Cuzydlo at 517-853-3962 for your bankruptcy issues in Okemos, East Lansing, Lansing, Michigan, Mid-Michigan, Ingham County, Eaton County, Clinton County. Bankruptcy Planning: Ten Dumbest […]

  • Wow! You think all bankruptcy attorneys are created equally – no way. This is a great article I found written by Rachel Lynn Foley. It is a must read before you hire any bankruptcy attorney. Give Chuck Cuzydlo a call at 517-853-3962 if you are thinking about filing for bankruptcy in Lansing, Mid-Michigan, Michigan, Ingham […]

  • I recently read an article by Russell DeMott regarding a new case regarding student loan debt and whether it is dischargeable in Bankruptcy. The article is below. It is a great read. If you or a family member or friend have too many debts and/or student loans call Chuck Cuzydlo at 517-853-3962 to discuss your […]

  • Many people have started a business, whether that business is trucking, medical, real estate, etc. you may well qaulify for a Chpater 7 bankruptcy regardless of income. If your debts are primarliy business debts the means test does not apply. We have discharged millions of personally guaranteed loans via the Chapter 7 process to various […]

  • Unfortunately, for many people today they owe more than their homes are worth. Before the “bubble burst” on the housing market many people obtained second mortages to pay off credit card debt, start a business, or send their children to college. Now, years later you are dealing with a first and second mortgage that are […]

  • I recently read a great article titled “Thinking of Filing Bankruptcy? Don’t Always Listen To Friends” written by Susanne Robicsek, a North Carolina Bankruptcy Attorney and posted in *Bankruptcy Basics” “My friend told me that I will lose my house if I file so I know I don’t want to file bankruptcy, but I have […]

  • While federal law specifically states that debt collectors must follow various guidelines that basically add up to treating debtors with respect, various reports have suggested that many collectors regularly break these guidelines—and most consumers don’t realize they have rights in the matter. Here are some classic maneuvers to watch out for and speak up about […]