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Why do some people seal their divorce records?

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2022 | DIVORCE - Divorce

In Michigan, divorce records are available for anyone to access. Residents can request these public records through the state’s vital records department or a county clerk’s office where the divorce occurred. They can also find divorce publications in their local newspaper.

While some individuals may not mind others knowing about their divorce, others prefer to guard that information, and you might be someone who wants to keep your divorce private, too. Here are valid reasons for sealing divorce records:

You want to keep banking information secret

By sealing your divorce record, you can prevent an unscrupulous person from obtaining your checking or savings account number to use it to make unauthorized purchases. The last thing you need is to be left holding the bag for a debt caused by someone else.

You want to safeguard the identities of vulnerable parties

If you recently escaped an abusive relationship and you’re a parent of children or teenagers, you need to do everything possible to protect them. Safeguarding their identities through divorce record sealing can prevent outsiders from hounding them with nosy questions or stalking them.

You fear that someone would find out about a false accusation 

Suppose you were part of an investigation where your ex-spouse accused you of a crime. Even if a court found you innocent, you might worry that someone would learn about the case and harass you over it and possibly tarnish your reputation.

You’re worried about others learning about a past addiction

Perhaps you struggled with and overcame an addiction years ago. Nonetheless, you might not want others to know about it since someone could use this information against you.

Whether you want to seal your divorce record for any of the above reasons or desire privacy for its own sake, consider seeking legal assistance to commence the process.