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Plan For Your Future With Confidence

Estate planning offers people a way to create a custom-tailored safety net that can protect their best interests in the future. Despite the benefits of an estate plan, more than half of all Americans do not have any kind of plan in place. If you are one of the millions of people who do not have an estate plan, you can act to change that today.

At Cuzydlo Law Group, PLLC, we offer clients across Michigan the guidance they need to develop proper estate plans, navigate the challenges of probate and estate administration, and even take on the challenges of elder law concerns. We are proud to provide our clients with the peace of mind they need for what may come in the future by preparing them for it today.

How We Can Help You

In the planning process for an estate plan, there is a lot that a person needs to consider. We can help you review your individual needs and develop a plan that addresses your needs related to:

  • Health care directives
  • Asset inheritance
  • Guardianships
  • Wills and trusts

You want an estate plan that accounts for everything, and we can help you make it. Additionally, we can also help you with complex elder law issues and advocate for the rights of an elderly loved one, including challenges involving living wills, powers of attorney and long-term care planning.

Because we know how to develop an estate plan, we also know how to execute one. If a loved one of yours has passed on, managing their estate while grieving can seem impossible. Instead, we can help you save time and energy by navigating the lengthy probate process on your behalf. Our experience can also reduce the time it takes to complete everything, letting you move forward after your loss with fewer difficulties.

Begin Your Planning Today

If you do not have an estate plan in place, have not updated your plan in several years, or need help administering a loved one’s estate, let us help you. The sooner you reach out to our Michigan team, the better, so contact our Okemos office today by calling 517-940-6434 or email us here.