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Are you thinking about a January divorce? You’re not alone

On Behalf of | Dec 19, 2022 | DIVORCE - Divorce

Do you find yourself physically, mentally and emotionally dreading pasting a smile on your face to get through another holiday supper with your in-laws? Are you dreaming of ringing in the new year footloose and fancy-free?

If so, there’s a good chance you could wind up filing for divorce in January.

Why January is known as “divorce month”

As painful as divorces inevitably are – even when both spouses agree to the split – they are especially poignant when they take place over the holidays. This is particularly true when children are involved. Thus, many splitting couples arrange to do the deed after the holidays.

Stress levels are untenable

Holidays are always stressful, with their noise and bustle. Add to the normal stress the fact that two spouses are trying to hide their crumbling marriage from kids, family and friends. Carrying that heavy burden for long breaks even the strongest people.

The fresh new year is a harbinger of change

The new year pulls out of the station at full steam. We’re filled with resolutions and longing for uncharted courses. That makes ending an unhappy marriage a high priority.

One family law attorney commented to Reader’s Digest that, “Many people make New Year’s resolutions to put their personal lives in order, even if that includes ending an unhealthy marriage.”

Consider the tax implications

Ending the year officially together provides all the traditional benefits of filing as one-half of a married couple. While this could be your last joint tax return that’s filed, you have every right to use those benefits and tax deductions.

Use this time to prepare

Whatever your eventual decision on the trajectory of your marriage, lay the groundwork first. Understanding your position from a legal standpoint clarifies your options moving forward.